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Masters of Watercolor

Masters of Watercolor

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Watercolor Workshop MAY 21 - MAY 28, 2021 - Italy

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December 2019

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November 2019
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October 2019


Massimiliano Iocco, an Italian watercolorist living in Rome painting for the past 20 years loves to paint in Plein air as it forces him to approach his work intuitively and rapidly. Watercolor for Iocco is a synonymous fact with unpredictability, speed, and freshness. Water is an element that needs to be let free to flow, in keeping with the way it wants to mix with color and be absorbed by the paper.
Driven by the love for figurative art and watercolor, in particular, he doesn’t follow the control and realistic methods as it doesn’t justify the painting. Painting provides him joy and personal pleasure. The artist runs watercolor school along with conducting numerous workshops across the world.
Experimentation with new subjects and materials made Iocco popular internationally which made him pursue his passion for watercolor painting and traveling together which was his childhood dream. Massimiliano says “Watercolor offers endless possibilities; it is continuous research”.


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